Bio-Reactor:  Patent Pending

In 2012 Mr. Coyne was contracted to review a patent for the science division of an agricultural products company.  The application was for a system that converted bio products into useful or beneficial microbes to accelerate plant growth, plant mass and reduce nitrate effluents.  The original patent had no major differentiation from others in the field.

Mr. Coyne then redesigned the patent application around computer-based models of phase transitions and worked with the company engineers to place monitors in the reactor to watch these phase transitions.  In the process, he increased the productivity of beneficial microbes and also discovered multiple different species that may have very specific and targeted benefits, such as promoting natural protection against insects, increasing communication pathways between plants and microbes within the ribo-sphere and targeting specific mineral uptake to the plant.

Mr. Coyne also developed a report on the protection of intellectual assets for the company, along with new distribution and encapsulation techniques.  His client has since received an investment from a major agricultural products company.

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