Electronic ID Card

Electronic Identification CardElectronic ID Card:  Patent CA2529176 C

In 2001, John Coyne began the design and development of a single credit card-sized device that could store multiple credential types: magnetic stripe (programmable) RFID (passive and active); long and short range, and bi-directional.  Bar codes via an inbuilt screen gave the added benefit of complete anonymity of the cardholder by only releasing information after an inbuilt fingerprint sensor verified the holder’s identity.  Its original internal structure included an ARM9 (naked chip) processor and over 1 gigabyte of internal memory, together with sophisticated internal security algorithms to prevent counterfeits.

A patent application was filed in 2003 and was finally awarded in August in 2012 with coverage in 64 countries.

The system was tested in major airports in the US for air-side security by the TSA.  The card is now being developed for large-scale manufacture in India by the owners of the company that acquired all rights.

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