Self-Aware Software Components-Records Management

Self-Aware Software Components-Records Management:  Patent Pending

While in discussions during 2010 with a major international bank on record retention and disposition, Mr. Coyne, along with his longtime friend and scientist Robert Bachman created a software architecture for creating self-aware records.  This led to further development of a patent application for utilizing multiple artificial intelligence techniques to create a software development environment providing cognitive features in the development and execution of applications.

The fundamental concept centers around an “awareness shell”–a software artifact that provides the simulated behavior of awareness.  Among other components, it comprised:  a matrix of contracted behaviors for roles, responsibilities and relationships; a logistics reasoning engine; and a syntactical backplane of express-ability that allowed computational capability.  It furthered Shannon’s Information Theory by defining the transportation of meaning.

Meaning is provided through semantic structures called “knowledge fragments” that are networked together in multiple configurations.  This is work built on the software atomic objects Mr. Coyne created in the 1990s, but built on the concept of re-usable semantic models.

This technique was used to recently create a system architecture for Governance, Risk and Compliance in a highly regulated industry, especially for the creation of complex filing records.  Patent Pending.

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